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International Travel Loaner Laptop Request

Please be aware that a number of universities have reported installation of malicious software in employee computers when left unattended in foreign countries. To avoid any potential issues of data leaving the United States or contracting malicious software on your regular workstation, OESRC will loan you a clean laptop for the duration of your travel.  Please submit this form make this request.  An OESRC representative will contact you to understand your computing needs while on travel, set up the computer for you, and arrange a meeting to deliver the hardware.  If you have reason to believe the computer you take with you (whether your workstation or the OESRC-loaner) has been compromised, please OESRC immediately.  You will provide an emergency contact information prior to your departure.  For other travel advice, please see current FBI travel guidance at Best Practices for Academics Traveling Overseas.

Enter the name of the person Traveling that is in need of a laptop.

Enter the destination the Traveler is going to.

Enter the date the traveler will start the trip.

Enter the date the traveler will end the trip.

Enter the date you wish to pickup the laptop.

Enter the Email address for the Traveler.

Choose the preferred Operating system for the loaner laptop.

Enter the Date when you will return the laptop to OESRC

Add any additional comments you would like,

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